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Request Your FREE Google Analytics 4 Migration Checklist

Google announced that after July 1, 2023, all Universal Analytic properties will stop processing data hits. All Google Universal Analytics users are told to migrate ASAP prior to July 1, 2023.



Items to Consider Prior to Migrating to GA4

Don't put yourself in a situation where you're wondering if you missed anything. So this will help keep a list of important questions you can ask your client (or yourself) to clarify the initial strategy structure.


Checklist for Setting Up GA4 Properties

A checklist is made to document and track what has been completed or is still undone for your migration. It is recommended to write notes beside each checklist item to help you remember why you made certain choices.


Conversion and Event Setup in GA4

This part describes just how events are configured and how you would like them to appear within GA4. This helps you know exactly what you are tracking.

Google Analytics 4 FAQs

The newest release of Google Analytics, GA4 introduces several new features for tracking user behavior such as cross-device analysis, AI-powered anomaly detection, and predictive modeling. The platform also provides deeper personalization capabilities through enhanced segmentation and user-level analysis. With these features, businesses can gain a better understanding of their customer’s behaviors and preferences so they can tailor marketing campaigns accordingly.

Yes. Like the Google Universal Analytics, GA4 will be free. You will be able to use one or more Google Analytic 4 properties for free.

Google announced that after July 1, 2023 you will have 6 months to export your historical data from your Universal Analytic properties. After that, your historic data will be gone forever.

Google announced that until July 1, 2023, Google Universal Analytics (current version) properties will stop processing data hits. Google is recommending that all Google Analytic users upgrade moving forward.

With GA4, data is collected differently than it is with Universal Analytics. The most noteworthy difference is its use of machine learning in order to glean insights from the data it collects. According to Google, the new version of the app is  privacy-based by design , which means that it will adhere to user privacy firmly. You can also track users across devices and platforms, which wasn’t possible with Universal Analytics. GA4 also introduces a new set of reports designed to give you insights into your user’s journey. These reports are called Funnels and Conversions, and they allow you to see how users interact with your site or app over time. It s free to sign up and use, and is a great way to get visibility into how your site or app is performing.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is an essential tool for any business looking to improve their online presence. It provides a comprehensive view of how users interact with your website and helps you better understand who your customers are and how they use your products or services. GA4 can help you identify areas of improvement, optimize the customer journey, and make informed decisions based on data-driven insights. With these insights, businesses can create strategies that drive growth and maximize their ROI.

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