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Bringing order to the chaos of business

Leading business & marketing firm

HAVOK Consulting is a leading business & marketing consulting firm that utilizes both traditional and experimental tactics to challenge the status quo. By going beyond conventional marketing strategies, HAVOKlooks to disrupt the competition by empowering your business to stand out and deliver the unexpected. By partnering with our clients we challenge their teams to set new standards, implement cutting-edge strategies, and create new experiences that are relevant to your target audience.

HAVOK’s leadership team is known for its bold approach. With a team that has a combined 30+ years of proven experience, we implement industry-leading marketing solutions that align with your business’s short and long-term objectives. HAVOKuses automation, data analysis, and consumer segmentation to optimize marketing efforts. By integrating with CRMs, analytics, and reporting software, we deliver measurable results.

Known for our BOLD approach


Direct Extension of your team

Working with businesses of all sizes and in all stages of growth, we have helped our clients realize incremental lifts in efficiency, revenue, brand exposure, and engagement. From startups to publicly traded companies, we serve as an extension of the internal team to maximize strengths and eliminate weaknesses.

By providing the resources and manpower to implement, manage and report on key metrics, we give our partners the freedom to focus on the other important needs of their business. HAVOK is fueled by proven results and long-term partnerships. Whether you’re starting from scratch and need a complete go-to-market strategy or a team to implement, manage and optimize results – or if you already have a team in place that is looking for new ideas to boost its success – there is HAVOK to be built. 

Last agency you will ever work with