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Web Designer vs Web Developer

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Last Updated on December 5, 2022

The internet has become a staple in daily life and its capabilities continue to grow. Along with this, the demand for web design and development has increased. So, what is the difference between a web designer vs web developer? 

A web designer is responsible for the look and feel of the website. This includes the layout, colors, fonts, and images. 

A developer, on the other hand, codes the website. They turn the designs into a working website. 

In the sections below we will go more in-depth into these differences.

The skills of a web designer

A web designer creates the layout, designs the graphics, and determines how the site will navigate. Think of a web designer as the person in charge of the blueprint and look of your website.

While both web designer and web developer roles are important in creating a successful website, there are some key skills that are essential for web designers. 

Firstly, they need to have an eye for detail and be able to create designs that are both visually appealing and user-friendly (UX/UI design).

Secondly, they need to have strong communication skills in order to effectively communicate with clients and developers. This bridge of communication goes a long way, which is why at HAVOKwe include one of our lead designers on our strategy call to ensure we’re capturing all of our clients needs and wants when it comes to building their new website.

The skills of a web developer

A web developer is responsible for the coding, programming, and technical side of building a website. Think of a web developer as the person who builds the website to the specs of the blueprint, which comes from the web designer.

Web developers take care of all the behind-the-scenes work that makes a website run smoothly. This includes writing code in languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as more complex coding languages such as PHP. They also need to have a strong understanding of server architecture and hosting options.

Custom website development services

As more and more businesses are created, the need for custom web design services becomes increasingly apparent. While there are many web design firms that can provide these services, not all are created equal. This is where the difference between a web designer and a web developer comes into play.

When it comes to creating a website, there is a lot that goes into the process. From the design to the functionality, everything must be taken into consideration in order to create a successful website. That’s why at Havok, we have a team of both web designers and web developers that work in unison to effectively and efficiently create the best possible process for our clients.

List of web development services

  • Ecommerce website development
  • CMS based website development
  • SEO optimized website development
  • Responsive website development (mobile-friendly)
  • Web support & maintenance

List of web design services

  • Brand & visual design
  • Custom website designs
  • Custom redesigns
  • UX/UI design
  • Graphic design

As you can see from the example lists above, the two handle different aspects but work hand-in-hand together to bring the desired result.

Conclusion: Web designer vs web developer

In conclusion, web development and web design are two very different but important fields in the tech industry. Web developers create the functionality of websites and web applications while web designers focus on the look, feel, and overall user experience. Both roles are essential in creating a successful website or application.

If you’re not happy with your current website, or in need of a refresh, then you should schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation with us for a complete website makeover. We’ll take care of everything and have your site up and running in no time. So don’t wait any longer, our team is ready to assist today.

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