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4 Things to Not Do with Your Google Business Profile

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Last Updated on May 24, 2023

Picture this: you’re the proud owner of a charming local business, a place where face-to-face connections with your customers are the heart and soul of your success. In this bustling digital era, you’ve discovered a magical marketing portal called the Google Business Profile. It’s like a bridge connecting your cozy establishment to a world of eager potential customers, offering them a glimpse of the remarkable experiences that await within your doors.

But alas! Imagine the darkest cloud descending upon your radiant enterprise—a suspension of your precious Google Business Profile. It’s akin to a thunderous storm striking your business with a bolt of misfortune, shaking the very foundation of your hard-earned local reputation.

When a Google Business Profile faces suspension, its fate takes a drastic turn, leading to either a complete disappearance from the Google realm, which is frequently the case, or an unfortunate inaccessibility for the profile’s owner or manager.

The ramifications of such a suspension are nothing short of devastating for numerous business owners. In fact, many of our esteemed clients have candidly expressed that the inability to reinstate their Business Profiles would inevitably force them to close down their cherished ventures.

To compound the predicament, Google typically refrains from disclosing the underlying cause for the suspension. As a result, business owners find themselves in a frustrating conundrum, fumbling through attempts to rectify the violation and restore their profiles. This lack of transparency becomes an arduous hurdle, intensifying the challenges faced by these entrepreneurs as they navigate the intricate process of reinstatement.

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Reasons Google Business Profiles Are Suspended

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If your Google Business Profile is suspended, the first thing that should be done is read through the Guidelines for your business on Google.

In numerous instances, it is possible to discern the specific rule that led to the suspension, shedding light on the situation at hand.

However, it becomes more complex when certain “unwritten” rules come into play, which can unexpectedly trigger profile suspensions, further complicating matters.

Unraveling the exact cause behind a suspension is akin to assuming the role of a detective, diligently piecing together clues and evidence.

So, let us don our metaphorical detective hats and delve into four prevalent reasons why Google Business Profiles often face suspension.

1: Making many changes to your Google Business Profile

Modifying crucial details within a Google Business Profile, such as the business name, address, phone number, or business categories, has the potential to initiate a suspension.

Google scrutinizes these key areas with caution, deeming any alterations suspicious. After all, it is a rare occurrence for a business to frequently change its fundamental information such as name, address, phone number, or even its core nature.

Considering the infrequency of such changes, it is crucial to approach any modifications to these major fields in your Business Profile with careful consideration. Proceeding without due deliberation may inadvertently lead to a suspension.

2: Business address violations

Google has established comprehensive rules dictating the permissible types of addresses for Google Business Profiles, and adherence to these guidelines is essential.

Among the most frequently violated regulations are those pertaining to the usage of specific address types, namely:

  • P.O. Box address.
  • UPS Box address.
  • Virtual office or co-working space address.
  • None of these address types are deemed acceptable according to Google’s guidelines.

However, there exists a rare exception for co-working space addresses, provided certain criteria are met:

  • You rent a dedicated office within the co-working space.
  • The location prominently displays permanent signage.
  • You conduct in-person interactions with customers at this location.
  • The office remains staffed during regular business hours, either by you or your employees. It is important to note that co-working staff cannot be considered as your employees for the purposes of meeting this criterion.

Another violation concerning addresses arises when displaying your home address in your Google Business Profile without having permanent signage at your residence and without conducting customer interactions at that location.

If you operate a service area business (SAB) where you run your business from home but provide services to customers at their locations, it is not permissible to disclose your address within your GBP.

3: Two businesses using the same phone number and address

Google generally discourages businesses from sharing the same address or phone number, with exceptions made for office buildings, malls, and car dealerships with separate service or car repair businesses, among others.

This rule primarily aims to prevent specific scenarios, such as home-based businesses creating multiple Business Profiles using their home address or a single business establishing multiple businesses at a single location/address.

Google aims to discourage the creation of multiple Business Profiles as a means to artificially boost rankings.

4: Keyword stuffing with your business name

Contemplating the addition of extra words to your company name, such as a city name or keywords? It may not be a favorable decision. While it may initially contribute to higher rankings, the repercussions of a suspended profile can be dire, leaving you with no rankings at all.

Although the allure of short-term gains through keyword stuffing may seem enticing, the potential risks of having your Google Business Profile suspended far outweigh any temporary benefits.


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The reasons behind a potential suspension of your Google Business Profile are numerous, with many remaining undisclosed, known only to Google itself. Hence, your wisest course of action is to diligently adhere to the guidelines—every single one of them.

Believe me when I say that the process of having your Business Profile listing suspended and subsequently reinstated is far from a simple task. It can pose severe repercussions for businesses, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake. Engaging in any attempts to circumvent the rules by testing the boundaries is not worth the accompanying risks.

Therefore, it is paramount that you invest the time to thoroughly read and faithfully abide by the established rules. The consequences of non-compliance can be grave, making strict adherence the best approach for maintaining a thriving online presence.

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