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Take advantage of years of experience and intimate knowledge that our search marketing experts have. We know what works and what doesn’t with our PPC management services, so you can save time and money today.

Increase Revenue & Leads

With online shoppers roughly being ~33.3% of the global population, our custom PPC management services ensure your ads reach the relevant, active, purchase-ready segment, thanks to HAVOK's PPC expert team.

Conversion Tracking & Attribution

Prior to launching any PPC ads, our team of experts ensure that your PPC account is tracking correctly, from the platform to your website. This helps provide us the data to know what is working in real-time, but also allows for us to report accurate data to you.

increase your website's visibility

Unlike SEO, PPC offers instant placements atop search results, ensuring visibility above competitors and increasing click-through potential.

Build Brand Authority

Become a leader of your niche by utilizing PPC campaigns to build and increase brand awareness. Consistent PPC ads receiving top placements where your target audience frequents will resonate and keep your brand the top of your audience's mind.

Hire A PPC Expert Without The Stress

We appreciate your time and understand how busy things can get, which is why we have created a simple and easy 3-step set up process.

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We begin with a discovery call to discuss the specific goals that your business is looking to achieve and gather other important information you may have.


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After the consultation, we will provide you with documentation to add us to your existing PPC accounts. If you do not have one, we will gladly create one for you and give you admin/owner access.


We Start Managing Your PPC Campaigns

Our PPC experts then start researching your competitors and industry to develop and execute a custom PPC strategy tailored around your specific goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

See what others are asking about pay-per-click (PPC) management services.

Pay-per-click or PPC, is a strategy of online marketing where an advertiser pays per a click of the user (consumer) on the ads that are being served. 

PPC is important for any business because it allows the opportunity to compete for excellent placements in front of your target audience (whether that means users that are a specific age, income, specific interests, etc.) when they’re in market to make a purchase. Whether on search engines such as Google, social media platforms such as Facebook, or browsing most websites, your ads will be seen while increasing your brand awareness.

PPC Management services vary in price depending on the PPC advertising company. But for us, we understand how stressful this all could be and our ultimate goal is to make it as easy and transparent for our clients as possible. 

We provide 3 main payment options with no tricks or hidden fees:

1. Percentage of ad spend, which we simply charge a small percentage on top of the marketing ad spend you define. 

2. Cost per lead, which is paying a dollar amount that is agreed upon for a lead that is generated from the managed PPC campaigns.

3. Performance based agreement, which is an agreed upon percentage based off of the overall generated revenue from the managed PPC campaigns.

 We also offer other payment solutions which can be discussed on request.

Yes! We work with businesses of all sizes to help grow their revenue and brands using our PPC Management services. 

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads can appear on various online platforms, depending on the advertising network and strategy. Here are some common places where PPC ads may appear:

1. Search Engines: The most common placement for PPC ads is on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These ads appear at the top or bottom of search engine results pages (SERPs) and are triggered by specific keywords.

2. Social Media: PPC ads can be displayed on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. They can appear in users’ newsfeeds, as sponsored posts, in the sidebar, or other designated ad spaces.

3. Websites: Many websites participate in ad networks like Google AdSense. These sites display PPC ads, typically in the form of banner ads, text ads, or interactive ads, on their web pages. The ads are often contextually relevant to the site’s content.

4. Display Networks: Google Display Network and similar networks allow advertisers to place PPC ads on a vast network of websites and apps, expanding the reach of their ads beyond search engines.

5. Online Marketplaces: E-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay offer PPC advertising options, allowing sellers to promote their products within the marketplace’s search results.

6. YouTube: Video ads, including pre-roll and in-stream ads, can be delivered to viewers on YouTube through PPC campaigns.

7. Mobile Apps: Mobile app developers can use PPC advertising to promote their apps within other mobile apps.

8. Email: Some PPC advertising networks enable the placement of ads within email campaigns and newsletters.

9. Local Directories: PPC ads can also be found in online local directories and review websites like Yelp.

10. Maps and Navigation Apps: Some PPC ads are displayed in map and navigation apps, helping local businesses get noticed by users in their vicinity.

11. Shopping Comparison Engines: For e-commerce businesses, PPC ads can appear on shopping comparison engines like Google Shopping.

The specific placement options and ad formats may vary by platform. We choose where to display ads based on our clients target audience, budget and campaign objectives. 

Extremely. You simply just email us prior to the next month. No tricks or hidden fees. 

Yes, we provide monthly reports for our PPC Management services. We pride ourselves on being transparent and ensuring our clients are always up to date with any of our services. 

havok consulting, consulting services, consulting near me

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